Die Kunst der Gould

October 25, 2005

I have often been questioned on my choice of religion.

‘I’m a recovering Catholic…’, I often reply, But Im all better now!

If pressed further I’d admit to being somewhere between an Agnostic, and an Atheist, as long as one of them believes in god.

I have always had trouble reconciling organized religion with free thought. Often found difficulty in rationalizing pre-ordainment, Nirvana, heaven, hell, the eucharist, sacrilege, the sacrament, religious ceremony and righteous justice.

I refuse to throw my weight behind a topic that has shed the blood of innocents in its quest for self-justification since the dawn of time. I refuse to be a blind disciple.

My harshness aside, I do respect religion as long as it is not used to further a man-made cause. For that is what I believe all religions are: Man-made. Any self-respecting deity would find religion beneath them. Better to leave it to a bunch of monkeys to quibble over who has the bigger Divine Stick. The only god in organized religion is Power.

So, I do not believe in organized religion. I believe there may be a place for it in this world, as long as it does not try to actually do anything.

Do I believe in God?

I believe in Bach.

In his music I hear the echoes of Gods voice. A glimpse of eternity in each simple note. I hear a perfection that is denied most people because they cant see beyond the music. This is the creation of an enlightened mortal and his divine muse, forevermore inseparable.

And so I believe Bach is God, and Gould is his Messiah.


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