October 6, 2005

[insertNewPostHere]This may seem like a new post, but it’s not. If it were a new post it would start off like “This is a new post!”, or “Gosh, it’s been a long time so I thought I’d drop by and write a new post just to show I care!”. This is not one of those. This is merely an attempt to confirm my existance by blatently denying said existance and any causality, i.e. a new blog post, which may result from aforesaid state of being. Think of it as a reverse Heisenberg, or a Schroedinger’s Cat without the box. Any attempt to attribute the apparent existence of a new post on this website to the possibility that it was created by a sentient being may result in the complete collapse of the space-time continuum and/or result in vehement denials from the sentient being not responsible. Any attempts to fathom meaning or intelligence from this non-post is futile as it does not exist and you are staring at nothing in particular until you come to your senses and start browsing for more porn. You may leave now when ready.[/insertNewPostHere]


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