Chow Overload

December 29, 2004

I’ve been hearing that food supplies are currently adequate in most areas to meet immediate requirements. And as there is insufficient long term storage in affected areas. Over the next few days the focus needs to be changed to cooking utensils, drinking water, clothing and medicines.

A list of medicines from the Red Cross can be found below. These can be delivered to the Red Cross below or if you contact me I’ll arrange for them to be delivered.



97 Galle Road (next to Crescat Boulevard)

1. Albendazole Tabs

2. Aludrox Tabs

3. Amoxicylline IV Caps

4. Amitriptyline Tabs

5. Asprin Tabs

6. Betadine Cream Tubes

7. Betadine Soloution Bottles

8. Brufen 400 mg Tabs

9. Cephalexine Caps

10. Cotrimoxazole Tabs

11. Chlorpheniramine 4mg Tabs

12. Chloramphenicol Caps

13. Cloxacyllin Caps

14. Daonil 5mg Tabs

15. Dettol Bottles

16. Diclofenac Sodium Tabs

17. Domperidone Tabs

18. Erythromycinr 250mg Tabs

19. Furazolidazole Tabs

20. HCT 25mg Tabs

21. Metformine 500mg Tabs

22. Metronidazole Tabs

23. Mebendazle 100mg Tabs

24. Nalidixix acid Tabs

25. Oral Rehydration salt Packets

26. Paracetomol 500 g Tabs

27. Propanthaline 15mg Tabs

28. Promethazine 25mg Tabs

29 Salbutamol Tabs

30. Sanitary Pads (Eva) Packets

31. Adesive Plasters Rolls

32. Gauze Packets

33. Bandages Rolls

34. Cotton Wool Rolls

35. Flavine Bottles

36. Surgical Spirit Bottles

37. Sidhdhalepa Packets

38. Normal Saline 9% 500ml Bottles

39. Tetovus Toxoid

40. Dialo Fenac Sodium Suppositories

41. Pethidine (IV) 25mg 50mg 100mg

42. Surgical Gloves

43. Ampliciline (IV)

44. IV Fluids 23g 22g 20g 18g

45. Water 5lt Bottles


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