Sinking Feeling

December 28, 2004

Something about a Tsunami. Was kind of out of it. Spent the whole of Sunday having a bad reaction to some medication, alcohol and a rather suspicious curry, wondering why my mother was going on about flooding when the sun was shining outside. Told her I’d only believe her if the cat floated by on a life raft. Realised how serious things were when one of my suppliers called me from Singapore to see if I was still alive.

Things are pretty surreal over here. There was some flooding and loss of life on the West coast where I live but the real damage was on the East and South. I am currently working to collect and distribute emergency supplies. We urgently need medical supplies, dry rations, drinking water, clothing and blankets.

I can be reached at, on ICQ 45358543, on MSN and no, I don’t frickin’ Yahoo!

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