Cargo Cult

December 28, 2004

Managed to assist in the moving of 11 truckloads of supplies to the East of the Island today. Going to see if we can top it tomorrow. The local relief effort finally seems to be kicking into gear. Currently working with the Armed Forces for transport and distribution and organizing collection from anyone and anywhere that has stuff to move.

I can also be reached on +94 112812390 or +94 112812391 during local business hours. Ask for Patrick. There, I said my name. Enjoy it while it lasts, punk.

Like I said before, anyone got supplies to move let me know and I’ll get the transport organized. It’s still pretty frickin’ surreal down here. It’s business as usual in the city. Most people are just a little dazed and I suppose the routine helps them deal with things. Right now focussing on the bare essentials but this is going to be a long term crisis. Must keep on trucking.


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