Kiss My Ass.

July 5, 2004

kiss my ass2

Congratulations! You are the Kiss My Ass happy
bunny. You don’t care about anyone or anything.
You must be so proud!

Which happy bunny are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hehe, is anyone surprised? I think not.

In other news, L. B. Inc. pulled in a quick third place at last weeks Pub Quiz. Yay! Highest ever score of 61 and it can only get better. The prize was a bottle of wine, white and Spanish. We’ll be polishing it off later this week. Apart from that lots of interesting stuff’s been happening, none of which I remember at the moment. I’m sure it’ll come back to me.

Okay, one word. Wow.

May you be ravished by 1000 Chinchillas.

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