6 Feet Under in the Mile-High Club.

June 30, 2004

Just found this little Gem.

Record longest flight flies in the face of its critics

A hardy group of 181 passengers boarded a jet at Singapore airport yesterday for the world’s longest commercial flight – an inaugural non-stop service to New York designed to appeal to time-pressed Asian and American business executives.

After a champagne send-off accompanied by a band blasting out “New York, New York”, the Singapore Airlines plane embarked on an 18-hour, 8,900 nautical mile journey over the North Pole which has drawn criticism from experts on medical and commercial grounds.

Experts said passengers had a greater chance of picking up viral infections such as flu and colds on board. Farrol Kahn, director of the Aviation Health Institute, said the heart and lungs would come under increased strain from a lower than usual supply of oxygen, with an enhanced risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) among people who fail to exercise frequently on board.

“We’d like to see doctors on board these very long flights,” said Mr Kahn. “There is an increased risk of medical incidents across the board – whether it’s heart attacks, DVT, fainting or alcohol abuse.”

Singapore Airlines has equipped its new aircraft with special cupboards big enough to take a corpse in case any passengers die en route.

That’s right people. If you die on a Singapore Airlines flight they is gonna stick you in the closet and soldier on. Your next of kin can pick you up at the left luggage counter all tagged and wrapped in plastic.

Hey French, I came up with a few cool catchphrases for that Zamil fansite.

Zam! Tastier than Spam!

Prove you’re not an Idiot! Vote for Zam!

All the Cool Kids are doing Zam.

Snort some Zam today!

Do Zam Today!

Do You Zamoo!?

Who’s Yer Daddy? Zam’s My Daddy!

My Zam’s Bigger Than Yours!

May the Zam be with you!

My Mommy thinks Zam is a Sex Machine! So does my Daddy!

Zam! Like a rectal enema… without the tubes!

Zam, now ribbed for your pleasure!

May your Badgers be struck down with Halitosis!


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