Born Vigilante

June 28, 2004

Well, nothing much interesting happening lately. Just work and stuff. Did however have a pretty good pub quiz last week. 6th out of 14 teams with a score of 55 which is the highest ever! Scored full scores on two rounds, the movies, and the pictures round. The movies round was a Tom Hanks round which wasn’t too hard, though one of the answers didn’t turn out quite as we expected. And the pictures round was on military aircraft! Who’d think that all that useless information I’ve carried around in my head these years would actually be worth something. Sadly nothing obscure at all, piece o’ cake really. A RA-5C or the XB-70 thrown in would have been real nice. Hell, I would have settled for a Lavi, or a Fitter but we were stuck with the usual classics like F-16s and Spitfires. At the end of it all we were tied for 2nd place going into the last round which, unfortunately, was Anagrams which the team isn’t strong on. Hopefully have it fixed for this week.

Hm… brain’s numb.

Damn your Gophers, and the Ferrets they rode in on!


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