Wedding Blues.

June 21, 2004

Thank god these blues are not mine. I can’t say I’ll ever understand the irrational desire for wedded bliss amongst the common herd of humanity.

Still, understanding is not required today, merely attendance.

Just got back home after picking up my suit from the tailors. Barely delivered on time, and hopefully not looking quite as disasterous as it did at the fitting. Ah, to suffer the ignominy of a cheap suit. But I suppose even Evil Megalomaniacal Dictators have the occasional cash flow problems, especially when they have no natural oil reserves or an indentured slave population to fall back on.

I’m pretty much all set to go. Head shaved, eyes shaded (with sunglasses(I know what you were thinking)) and shoes shined so well they look like obsidian liquid metal. I took 3 hours shining them on Saturday, using my usual tools. Three brushes, five graded buffing cloths, a tin of shoe polish and a blowtorch. Ah, I miss my army boots.

Cabs booked for exactly an hour from now. I’ve got a half hour to chill and then I start preparing to enter the fray. I am the Black Sheep of the family so I do have certain standards to keep up.

Wish me luck.

Oh, and I will be sorting out the wedding present next month so the advice lines are still open.

May your Ferrets be Damned!



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