June 18, 2004

Just rememebered that I forgot to talk about this weeks quiz. Only scored a 44 out of 90 this time, the lowest in 3 weeks, but it looks like I might have the beginnings of a regular team. There were five of us this time, and we didn’t do too well on most of the rounds, but it turns out that I am the Friends King!!! A perfect score on the friends round and I aced all ten questions myself, though my teammates were spot on most of the questions too. And we jokered on that round so our score at the end of it was a 20!!! I am such a Friends geek it’s pathetic.

Watched Kill Bill in the cinema again. Couldn’t resist. And I’m watching it again on DVD as I write this. The spraying blood makes such pretty patterns.

And quite pleased that I’ve finally got around to using my other site for the purpose for which it was intended. Still hoping for some constructive feedback on the new stories themselves. I plan to start one more sequence before I start updating the two I already have up. Also got a few one-off short stories that I should get around to writing.

Right now I’ve got a migraine that could drop a Bantha.

Anyone who didn’t quite get that isn’t nerdy enough for this site.

Oh, and went in to get a suit tailored for my cousins wedding, it’s next Monday if anyone remembers. I’m going in for a fitting tomorrow morning. Hopefully should look dashing. I better, ‘cos it’s costing me a small fortune. It’s a black suit, which I’ll be wearing with a white shirt and red necktie. Along with my dark glasses and shaved head I should not look unlike Tobias Reiper.

And if you didn’t get that go here, educate yourself and don’t come back until you’re a Geek.

Hopefully should have enough money left over for a decent wedding present.

Any suggestions?


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