Bushy-Tailed Trivia

May 26, 2004

Went to the pub quiz again last night. My mom had some friends over so I didn’t feel like hanging around. Couldn’t get any of my friends to join me as usual so I took a book instead. Yes, I took a book to a pub. I’ll give you a moment to point and snicker.


Okay. It was Nick Hornby’s About a Boy if you must know, and I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone so I guess you could say I was dressing down. Got there, and didn’t do too bad on the first couple of rounds. The first round was quite entertaining. Bushisms or crazy and downright stupid things that Georgie W. Bush may or may not have said such as “The problem with the French is that they don’t have a word for ‘Entrepreneur'”. Basically we were given a quote and asked if ol’ Bushy-tail did in fact utter said inane utterance. Next round was Pictures. We were shown pictures of famous people and had to name them. Didn’t do too well, though Pratchett did show up. Did I ever tell you that I met him? Well, I did meet him.

And then a couple of girls showed up, cousins I believe, and were going to join the rest of their friends at the table next to me, but that team was already at their limit of seven people and there weren’t that many free seats either so they asked if they could sit at my table which was right next to their friends. I told them to bugger off and leave me alone.

No, I didn’t. And I even asked them if they’d like to join my team. Anyone who ever called me a belligerent anti-social sod can now go stand in the corner and be very ashamed of themselves. Oh and they said yes and helped the team to it’s highest score ever; 45 out of possible 90. It was nice to score better than a 1 for the music round for a change. An encyclopaedic knowledge of Classical music does crap all for the pub quiz. Hung around after the quiz and talked to one of them who was really pretty nice and hopefully didn’t find me too boring. Turns out she has a PhD in Bio-Mechanical Engineering and just flew in from New York a couple of days ago. Said she might actually join me at the next pub quiz in two weeks.

Oh, and before I forget, more proof that my spellchecker was written by an idiot on crack:

Idiots On Crack!

Not in Dictionary:


Change to:


Suggested words:


Whoops. It looks like I overwrote my previous post. Bugger.


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