Honey, I’m Home!

May 19, 2004

Well, thanks to Marisa, I now have a new home. She was kind enough to to contact me after finding my listing on pick-me.com and a little e-mailing back and forth later, here I am.

And to celebrate: New site design… my fourth in as many months? And who said I never get anything done. Most of the new design is my own, however some of it is modified from the Minima Black design by Douglas Bowman from the standard Blogger templates. This is only temporary until I find some time to get around to finishing it. So, any comments or feedback would be very welcome. Click here for a pic of what the site should look like.

Switched from Tagboard too Flooble for my chat board. Still with Haloscan for my comments. Taken out the guestbook as it’s hardly ever used.

Okay, going to run away now and get something to eat.

Watch this space!


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