Regarding Xenomorphs

May 14, 2004

Acid for blood, face-huggers, chest-bursters, silicon-based angels of death. What kind of mad genius could conceptualize and visualize the wet dreams of a kid who wanted to own a pet piranha (but his mum wouldn’t let him), and is now all growed up and wanting more. They were very small piranhas, not like they could kill anything. There is something almost perversly sexual about H. R. Gigers work, in a very biological, visceral way, kind of like what Paul di Filipo does with words, though with less bunnies and assorted farmyard animals.

Humans have recently discovered that planets could have formed as early as a billion years after the formation of the universe, almost twice as earlier as previously thought. A new theory that proposes an alternate method of planet formation, and hence could raise the prior estimate for the number of planets in the universe. And more planets means more chances that life could have arisen elsewhere in the universe. Oh, we’ve always heard people say ‘There could be life out there’, we’ve watched Kirk go boldly around meeting said life and proceeding to attempt to mate with it (or destroy it, where applicable) but have we ever really paused and pondered the enormity of the concept of life that did not evolve on this planet. Life that looked upon landscapes that we will never see, lit by light from an alien sun. There could be sentient beings out there pondering these same questions, as I write, and you read these words.

All of human understanding, human knowledge, human thought, is just that… human.

Now imagine something that isn’t.

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