Cows with Buns

April 27, 2004

Watched the Muppet Show today. Old episode with Bob Hope, back when he was in his 70’s. Surreal moment at the end when Animal goes hunting.

Animal goes Wabbit hunting.

Animal goes Wabbit hunting with a bazooka.

Animal got style.

Well, what about my life have I not been talking about lately.

Nothing much really.

I started heading down to the local pub for quiz night on Wednesdays. Went three weeks in a row. Actually got my best score (4th place) on the week where I played alone. The other two times when I had someone with me we came last, and 2nd from last (but only ‘cos one team left early). Lots of fun and caters to the pedant inside me. Will be going back, but only once I get a couple of people to cover me on sports, cars and popular music from the 60’s-90’s. I’m apparently a little weak in these areas and my knowledge of Baroque and Reneissance music appears to be superfluous.

And my cousin’s getting married. Was invited to the engagement party last week. Got to see my family (Paternal) for the first time in about 10 years. It was an interesting evening. Lots of things I’d forgotten/repressed. Managed to get through two whole hours before anyone queried me on my social life. I feel completely disassociated from them, just cannot relate. Feel like a foreigner, transported a century out of my time. Must also be hard for my father, being the only divorcee in the family. At least the two of us seem to be getting along a lot better now.

Feeling a little lonely at the moment. Most of my friends in country work very far away, and only ever come down around once a month. Also missing all the others. Was browsing through French’s archives the other day and reminiscing about all those things I miss about my former life. And by things, I mean people. I seldom keep them around, and those I do are precious to me.

Hm… did I just sound like Gollum?

Been watching a lot of movies lately. Just watched Resident Evil (again) today. When’s part two out? Got my hands on a copy of Hellboy the day after it hit the cinemas. Just love it, but why is it called Super Sapiens in Malaysia? Also watched Walking tall and Alamo today as well. Enjoyed Walking Tall, thought it was hilarious. I think you were a little too critical of it, French. It’s not a movie you can ever take seriously.

Am still recovering from Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, which I saw a week ago. I’m not quite sure what to make of that movie. And strangely, it’s a movie that I can relate to. Not the memory wiping aspect of it, but the patchwork swirl of memories somehow reminds me of my own.

Think I’ll drift away for a while.


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