Georgie Blues

March 28, 2004

Don’t you just hate it when you swat a mosquito and open your hands just to watch it fly away unharmed. And then come back minutes later with a vengence and a thermonuclear device and bomb the crap out of your CD collection. I mean, just where the hell do mosquitos get nukes anyway? Is there a blackmarket of ex-Ruskie military hardware that caters to bloodsucking insects? And how does a mosquito afford it? Maybe they work for a blood bank somewhere. Think about it. Billions of trained mosquitos sucking blood and then depositing it in the blood bank. They then sell the blood and make a tidy profit. They probably wouldn’t have to pay the mosquitos. They’d just breed them for slave labour. And they’d have stockpiles of nuclear weapons for ‘self-defence’. I think maybe someone should let this info slip to Georgie-boy so that he could rush in there with his boyscouts sans U.N. Mandate and liberate the oppressed mosquitos, and give them the gift of Democracy and capitalism, regardless of whether these were against mosquito religious beliefs or not. If it’s good enough for the old U.S. of A., it’s all good. Even worse, introducing consumerism to a species and then saying, “Sorry, we just dont make portable MP3 Players in your size”. And I’m sure they’d be surprised (again) when the mosquitos rise up against their ‘liberators’, I mean, that sure as hell hasn’t happened before, has it? You thought the mosquitos in your neck of the woods were bad, just wait until they pronounce jihad on your ass.

I really should stop eating ice cream just before bed.

And what’s up with that? You eat before you go to sleep and you have more vivid dreams? I’ve known people who wouldn’t eat for three whole hours before bedtime so that they wouldn’t dream. I say bugger it. It’s ice cream, which is yum. And free entertainment while I sleep, which is good now that my VCD player’s broken at the mo.

So’s my modem which explains my unplanned and unnanounced hiatus from the void which binds. No wait, we’re still using that Internet thing, right. That’s so last century. I think it’s about time we had a information network that spanned the galaxy. Think about it… Porn from Deneb IV, Counterstrike with your buddies in Aldeberaan, illegal MP3s from Tau Ceti III and more Porn from Alpha Proxima. Oh, and all the home-shopping, CNN-Breaking-News, Stock-market-mumbo-jumbo-bs that all decent information networks get misused for. Just think of all the information that you’d be able to exchange on a galaxy-spanning information giga-highway(I’m gonna havta take credit for that one too(and havta take ‘havta’ as well just for the heckuvit(and maybe ‘heckuvit’ for the heckuvit))). And by ‘information’ I do mean ‘Porn’. I mean, what other information is there?

And while we’re no where near the topic, just how silly is the expression ‘like a duck to water’? I mean, did anyone ever ask ducks if they wanted webbed feet and waterproof feathers. The reason they probably spend so much time in the water is because they feel like total twats waddling around on dry land. It should be ‘like a duck, who would otherwise feel like a twat on dry land and then require intense therepy to deal with the resulting inadequacy issues, to water’.

Spent the last week quite productively. Came up with three new station designs, a new junction design and a new overflow loop design for Transport Tycoon. I really should get around to writing my TT guide sometime soo. Oh, and then there was my new job which is going quite good and leaves me lot of time for other stuff. I get my new phone next Monday. Don’t have a choice on the phone as it’s a package thing, but I’m allowed to trade it in if I don’t like it so it’s not all bad. Also get paid on Monday, but only for a half month so I won’t be able to afford ADSL for another month. But I’m working on it.

Speaking of work, it’s going quite well. Now I’ve just got to work on increasing my client base. I figure with two more regular clients I’ll be able to afford a car. Something small, efficient, probably Korean, and small enough to get jammed around my shoulders but gotta start somewhere. Still it’ll be nice to have my own wheels for a change. Maybe I’ll have it painted in camo like my old computer. Remember that?

I’m in the workforce. Hell must have frozen over.

Hell for the Winter Olympics 2012! Lose and be Damned.


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