Geeks ‘R Us

March 15, 2004

Did a little work last week, crunching some numbers ‘n things. Got offered a job. Apparently I’m good with numbers ‘n things. I am now a Data Analyst.

Geekdom Beckons.


I’ll be working as a consultant, which means flexible hours and time off for other stuff. I just look at the numbers ‘n things, find pattern’s ‘n stuff and try and extrapolate trends ‘n whatnots and put it together in a meaningful format. My retainer’s decent and I might actually get a phone out of it. It’d be a bonus if I’d get to choose my phone but I won’t know until we work out the details later on today…



Have also turned vegetarian and gone off alcohol.

So, in summary:

1. Regular income.

2. New phone.

3. Sober herbivore.

4. Dilbert impersonator.

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