Kill Me!

March 1, 2004

I’m in a pontificationing (my word, like ‘pontificating’ only longer) mood today. Got back a few hours ago after my mother dragged me along to a play. The most god-awful, stupifyingly boring and acrylic-nails-grating-against-a-blackboard-from-hell-irritatingly mind-blowingly crap piece of wannabe theater I have ever witnessed in my short and quite uneventful life(more on this later, ad-nauseum). Five minutes into it I was SMSing a friend to come over and shoot me. Twenty minutes and I started throwing popcorn at the stage. I was in the balcony but I almost made it a few times. After the intermission I had to be dragged back in, kicking, screaming and flinging Cheeze-Bitez. But then it ended, and I made my exit over, under and through anyone in my way, dropped me mum home and went out for a stiff drink with a friend. Played some pool and found that I’ve regained my groove! Woohoo! I can play pool like a god again. Well, maybe just the god of Chihuahuas, but a god nonetheless.

My trip to the shooting competition might not be happening after all. There’s a shortage of accomodation and competitors are given priority. And that is the answer to Tedsta’s question. I’m going to a shooting competition and not doing any actual shooting because… wait for it…….. I’m not competing! I’m just going for the trip and to get a feel for the sport. What I really want to do is get to the point where I can put a .300 Winchester into a target the size of a matchbox at 600 yards. There’s a sniper in me just itching to get out.

And no, I’m against game hunting. Unless the game is armed and able to fire back.

I’d like to welcome two new visitors to this site. Tedsta, whom I think I might have met in real life, and Winnie. Also a big Helloo to Vanessa, who has accused me of libel which I vehemently deny while ducking for cover. It seems like my readership is slowly expanding, a quarter dozen at a time.


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