Artistic Nazis

February 25, 2004

My mood has improved a little today. Just finished watching Schindler’s List for about the dozenth(if that isn’t a real word then I just made it up and it’s mine now) time. One of the local TV stations added it to its otherwise lacklustre programming, which is a nice change. Or it would have been if they hadn’t made every possible attempt to hack it, slash it, obscure, censor and mutilate it and then advertise as many products during the movie and in the badly edited-in commercial breaks interspersed generously through the film. Oh, and the local TV stations have come up with the brilliant idea of allowing sponsorship of the time. That is allowing an advertiser to have commercials break into programming on the hour, every hour informing the viewer that the current interruption to their viewing pleasure is occurring at exactly x o’clock and was generously brought to you by…

How much more bloody infuriating can you possibly get. If I was a vengeful person I’d have a blacklist of all the products that deigned to interrupt my viewing pleasure so that I’d know what not to by.

I have decided to write to the local papers as follows:

I was disgusted by the recent screening of Schindler’s List on Art TV. I do not know whether I should be more upset by the atrocities portrayed in the movie, or the atrocities perpertrated towards the movie by Art TV and its sponsors. The excessive level of advertising and the displaying of logos on the film itself is a desecration of one of the masterpieces of modern cinema, not to mention completely against the express wishes of Mr. Spielberg himself. I believe the director requested that all screenings of the movie on television be without commercial interruption. What should have been treated as a valuable work of art was instead destroyed in a fashion reminiscent of the book burning orgies committed by the Nazis themselves. What does it say about our society when we see a work of art as just another tool to sell more products? Do we have a Nuremburg for barbarians such as these?

Too harsh?

Probably unprintable by most of the timid heathens that run the newspapers over here, but I’ll send it in to every one I can think of just for fun. Might make it past those editors that don’t need a dictionary for every other word.

By the way, more proof that my spellchecker was written by an idiot on crack…
Not in Dictionary: Nazis
Change to: Nachos

Yes indeedy, France was invaded by the Nachos during World War II. They came in search of French dip recipes. And the Allied invasion of Normandy was not a liberation, just a real strong aversion to all things spicy.

And yet more proof that my spellchecker was written by an idiot who uses crack constantly and whose dog is also addicted to crack and smokes hashish on the side…
Not in Dictionary: France
Change to: Franc

It doesn’t know about France, but knows what its currency is(was) called?

And a little more proof that crack is used judiciously in the lifestyle of a certain spellchecker programmer…
Not in Dictionary: French
Change to: Frog

Well, hm… can’t really argue with this one.

Currently reading David Gemmel’s Skilgannon the Damned Book 1: White Wolf and The Knights of Dark Reknown, Dan SimmonsThe Rise of Endymion, Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett, Deus Irae by Philip K. Dick and Roger Zelazny, Against a Dark Background and Feersum Endjinn by Iain M. Banks. Also read and finished Iain M. Banks’ Consider Phlebas and The Player of Games, and Dan SimmonsThe Fall of Hyperion, Endymion and Orphans of the Helix over the last few days. I appear to be having a Dan Simmons, David Gemmell and Iain M. Banks orgy lately and you’re all invited ‘cos it’s not much of an orgy with only one person.

Bring dip. I got nachos.

Considering Prozac. I’ve tried everything else so why not. I have a prescription from a (ahem) Dr. Bunny that I might just take in to the chemists.


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