The Truth about Bunnies.

February 9, 2004

Thank you for the feedback. The bunnies do appear to be visible at the moment. They are the first of my creations and there will be many more.

The currently displayed ‘Decoy’ model is the basic Bunny Minion. They do not have any special powers per se, apart from the ability to draw fire away from more valuable minions like the Cash Cow, and the Moolah Moose from my Fund-Raising division. They feed on fear, which explains their shocked expressions, and little else as they are cryogenically frozen and only thawed out when required. The cigars are actually filled with carrot shavings laced with psychotropic drugs to induce them to run towards the enemy and get into their line-of-fire.

All attempts to arm the bunnies with anything more substantial than a cherry bomb have failed. Their programmed suicidal tendancies cause them to detonate almost as soon as they are un-frozen.

Yes, they are cute and cuddly, but I’ll have that fixed soon.


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