Unleash the Rabid Chipmunks!!

January 29, 2004

Wait, do we have Rabid Chipmunks? Nope, just bunnies. Can’t take over the world with bunnies. Well, maybe I could if I wanted to spread cuddly love, but there really isn’t any room for that in my diabolical plans.

Updates are slowing down as I’m redesigning my site from the ground up. No more canned templates for me. Will be moving to a new host, which I will be paying for but my baby’s worth every penny. Also in the middle of work at the moment (designing a toxic gerbil cannon, amongst other things.) and keeping myself occupied quite effectively.

My other ‘Designing’ jobs taking off again. I’d love to share it with all you people, but my work is classified so I won’t. At least the pay’s good.

Now, if only I could figure out where I put my atomic chicken bomb I’m all set.


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