When Bears Attack!!

January 26, 2004

My cat was attacked by a bear almost two months ago. Or at least we suspect a bear as it’s probably the only thing on this planet that could possibly injure my cat and then get away without ending up as a half-eaten bloody corpse dripping all over my doorstep. The neighborhood dogs stopped trying a long time ago after he started coughing up dog collars. We never did find the bear, so either he ended up as a quick after-dinner snack, or headed for the border; which, as I happen to live on an island, would not be an entirely good idea unless he was a good swimmer.

As for my cat, well… he had a hole ripped in his head about 2 inches square, which got pretty infected before I managed to catch him and get him to the vet. I’m guessing he lost about half his weight too, so he probably weighed only slightly more than the other neighborhood cats. After sedating Mr. Fluffums, and patching up the vet, we were able to clean the wound up, inject antibiotics, and assess his condition, which seemed quite dire at the time. But our hopes were lifted when Mr. Fluffums attacked a Doberman, who was to be the vets next patient. Luckily we were able to intervene before any terminal harm was done, though the poor dog might need therapy sometime for quite possibly the rest of his life. Mr. F. was ordered to stay indoors for a week, as he was very weak from the infection and had a little trouble with his balance.

And yet he got over a 9 foot tall wall, sired a litter, and chased a dog up a tree.

Yup, Mr. Fluffums is the Alpha Male Cat from Hell.

Two months on and he is recovering quite well. He’s back to his former fighting weight, or Act-Of-Satan-With-Teeth-And-Claws-Weight, sired six more litters and there seems to be fewer dogs in the neighborhood. He’ll be nine years old this year and should he die of old age I’m sure there’ll be a place in hell with his name on it.

Mr Fluffums: Satan’s own Kittycat.

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